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Fivefold path Mission USA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to spread the science of happy living here after.

 Fivefold path is the essence of Vedas simplified by Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj. This is part of his resolve to resuscitate Vedas or Santan Dharma for the welfare of humanity. Yagnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya are the very foundation of Vedic Dharma. It is the very science of life; life of peace, plenty and total fulfillment which can lead one to the supreme goal that I and the Almighty are One

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“Grace be with you all!
Oh! Travelers of kingdom of heaven, Light of the world has descended on earth. Divine Light is spreading throughout the whole planet. Kingdom of heaven is near at hand.
Blessed are those who saw the Light! Fortunate are those who walked in Light! Fortunate are they, for they will enter the Kingdom of Heaven!”
** Om Tat Sat**
Blessings by Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj-Akkalkot-17-5-1978

Dixit Nanaji Kale


Like the kings of the Vedic era Somayaji Nanaji Kale of Ved Vidnyan Ashram devoted his entire life to researching the scientific aspects of Vedic life and literature. Nanaji says “ we have only happiness and ever expanding.  Aanand and more Anand.”

Nanaji is born in Sangli , Maharashtra in his maternal grandparents home. His mothers sect is called Gadgil a very pious and religious sect. His grandfather was a great devotee 'Param Bhakta' of Shri Sadguru Brahmachiaitnya Gondavalekar Maharaj who was an ardent devotee of ShriRam prabhu . It was common practice in Gadgil Kul , to do Japa for fifteen minutes “ SHRIRAM JAY RAM JAYAJAYA RAM “ Before lunch. Food was served to students at midday is a common happening in the Gadgil family. Nanaji is born in “ Kale” Kul , Gotra Vatsa. Original place is in “ Parashuram Bhoomi ” i.e. Konkan . Village Mithagavane, Tal  Rajapur , Dist- Ratnagiri,Maharashtra near Jaitapur Harbour on western sea shores.

Family Deity: ‘ Dev Anjaneshwar ’ is the family deity 'Kuldaivat'.  Nanaji's ancestors migrated to Barshi , in Dist Solapur , Maharashtra for livelihood 200 years back. Since five generations up till Nanaji they had only one son to the father and forefather. So he has no brother but have 7 sisters . All sisters are well settled have sons and grandsons etc. Nanaji's eldest sister age 85 , is living with her son Vishwas in Rochester , in USA. All other sisters are living in Maharashtra.

He grew up in a joint family along with 9 mama and 2 mavashi all highly educated. Two of my mamas did not get married. 2 doctors , 2 engineers , 1 agricultural graduate , 1, etc. In Kale Kul , paternal grandfather and all known ancestors were religious , pious per-sonalities . They were fond of helping needy people. Kale family has 80 acres of land near Barshi , with nicely built well for water source . In Kale family also, every guest was welcomed and served him food as 'Atithi' grand father Raghunath, maintained the tradition of feeding any saint 'sadu' that came to his house.
From childhood , Nanaji was impressed by father’s and mother’s family serving every-body who came to them. This culture 'Sanskar' made deep impression in Nanaji's sub-conscious mind. Nanaji had a very joy-ful childhood, very attracted to wrest-ing and gymkhana ; in Marathi language it is called ‘Talim’ . He was volunteer ( Swayamsevak) of RSS. Except when in school, he spent most of his timed in Gymkhna. During RSS Ban period, he was imprisoned for 3 months in jail for attend-ing RSS program.

Dixit Nanaji Kale at Rajasuya Yagnya

His earnest inclination to-wards art of wrestling , fur-ther developed in college life. He completed his de-gree B .A. - Pune University in 1955. He was wrestling champion of Inter Univer-sity Tournaments. in 1955 and become all India wres-tling champion in National wrestling competitions. Now, he is well known to people all over India as a good wrestler. He participated in world youth festival wrestling tournaments at Warsaw ( Poland ), Czechoslovakia , Russia , China, Hong kong etc. for wrestling bouts. After graduation , he started farming in their lands. In course of time he got married to Sou. Vaijayanti from a religious background and started a family life. He had full support of his wife , in all activities such as agricul-ture , Agnihotra Upasana, Shaktipat sadhana, estab-lishment of Yogiraj Ved Vidnyan Ashram, perform-ance of hundreds of Soma-yagas, and in all walks of life. Until 1965, he was a pro-gressive farmer and hon-ored by Maharashtra Gov-ernment , for giving 200 quintals of Jowar grams in Government scheme for three years . Finding Sadguru: Now the critical spiritual and psy-chological transformation occurred in Nanaji's life. In Nanaji's own words ''what I have achieved is momentary , changing . that does not give me bliss of mind . I felt extreme need of guid-ance of able , authoritative person i.e. Sadaguru."
This flame consumed his total existence, one day he went to Rishikesh for search of Sadaguru , with out telling anybody. He lived in a cottage on the banks of Ganga taking three bath in river Ganga and doing Gayatri jap and taking one meal ‘bhiksha’.

Upasana , brought him to holy feet of Sadaguru Shri Gulavani Maharaj at Pune.
One day as he was stand-ing in the line for Bhiksha at Annachatra one person from Maharashtra told me the name Shri Gula-vani Maharaj. On that very day he left Rishikesh and went came back home . To his surprise, his mother Annapurna said that both his father and mother were initiated into Shaktipat by the same guru Sadaguru Gulavani Maharaj. Turning point: He wrote letter to Shri Gulavani Maharaj, and his holiness suggested to come to Pune for initiation 'diksha'. He was initiated by touch 'sparsh’ and sound ’shabda’ diksha process. He says "Spiritual experience at Diksha can-not be explained in words ." In course of time, his wife also was fortu-nate to get Diksha from H.H. Gulavani Maha-raj.Starting on agnihotra: In farming he had to face many calamities like uncer-tainty of rains, occurrence of severe draughts etc. so he decided to start on Agnihorta on one fire for fa-vourable rains and good agri Production. On Sankashti Chaturthi , he went to Akkalkot in Balappa Maharaj Math and started Agnihotra with evening Homa, and performed agnihotra for three years with single fire. He happend to attend Chaturmasya Yag conducted by Shri. Selukar Maharak with three fires. In this Shrout yag , he received instruction from Sadaguru Gulavani Maharaj , of setting of three fires, though previously , he had left his mortal body. Turning point: He consulted his parents and wife for setting of three fires. All were glad to accept Agni-hotra on three fires. He went to Akkalkot at the holy feet of Shri Gajanan Maharaj with wife and three sons. We requested Shri. Gajanan Maharajshri to bless us , in setting of three fires. Nanaji says "Shri. Gajanan Maharajshri blessed us by transmitting one flame of Vaiswanar Agni from his right hand in my heart and I was in meditation for half an hour."

All his children and grand children are vedic scolars.His sons and grandsons are initiated in Shaktipat sadhana and all three sons are Dixits, and have performed 7 Somasansta. He has 4 grand-sons and 4 daughters. Three of his grandsons Bhargave, Aapnavan and Shounak are learning Rigved and are participaning in Rajasuy Mahasomayag. Dixit Nanaji Kale performed many Maha Somayaags, Parjanya Yaags and accom-plished Rajasuya and Ashwamed yaag. He also performed Gavamai yagnya that is performed for 52 weeks. In the words of Sadguru Shree Mohan "there is nothing more he should be or should have been done. He is a scientist of the science of Vedas" He is the founder of Yogiraj Ved Vignyan Ashram, Kasarwadi, Barshi 1986 to keep alive age-old recitation tra-dition of all Vedas and performance of yajnas (sacrificial fires) Feel free to email him to congratulate and appreciate his service to the humanity
"Spiritual experience at Diksha cannot be ex-plained in words." says Nanaji Kale

The Ashwamedha horse procession celebration was a grand success, around 10,000 people participated.

The Yatra was covered in all local TV channels and newspapers. Geetaji informed that several organizations, 4 Bhajan Mandals, 3 Kolatam groups and 18 schools and colleges participated in the Shobha Yatra. Some of the organizations that participated: BJP, VHP, RSS, ABVP, Bajrang Dal, Purandara Das Sahitya Samithi, Hanuman Chalisa Sangh, Gayatri Parivar, Sevika Samithi, Vishnu Parayana Samithi, Alaya Parirakshana Samithi, Brahmana Seva Samithi, Sanskrutha Bharathi, Samskara Bharathi.

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