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Fivefold path Mission USA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to spread the science of happy living here after.

 Fivefold path is the essence of Vedas simplified by Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj. This is part of his resolve to resuscitate Vedas or Santan Dharma for the welfare of humanity. Yagnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya are the very foundation of Vedic Dharma. It is the very science of life; life of peace, plenty and total fulfillment which can lead one to the supreme goal that I and the Almighty are One

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“Grace be with you all!
Oh! Travelers of kingdom of heaven, Light of the world has descended on earth. Divine Light is spreading throughout the whole planet. Kingdom of heaven is near at hand.
Blessed are those who saw the Light! Fortunate are those who walked in Light! Fortunate are they, for they will enter the Kingdom of Heaven!”
** Om Tat Sat**
Blessings by Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj-Akkalkot-17-5-1978

Sri Mahanubhav Madhavji Potdar Saheb

Born in India on Ist October,1915 at Vidisha (M.P.). His father Shri Govindrao Potdar was an honest,truth loving person.His mother Radhabai was most intelligent, religious and cultured woman.She was a very firm and promising lady.

Saheb was very intelligent.He was gold medalist in B.Com from Lucknow University.As best Administrator,he worked as General Manager from 1948 to 1954 in a Factory at Bhopal.He was well known in Bhopal for his honesty,sympathetic attitude towards poor,his benevolence and kind heartedness.In May, 1954 he left the job of G.M. and went to Akkalkot.

It was just a pleasure trip.He went in Guru Mandir and met "Param Sudguru Shri Gajanan Maharajshree" for the first time.He started his Sadhana with effect from 13th June 1957, as advised by his Sadguru. Within a short span of 2 years he completed his Sadhana.

He wrote a book "In search of happiness" in 1959 on Five Fold Path which was the first book on satyadharam, On 11th of October he took a vow that "I will do the work and resuscitate the Vedas(Shrutees) with single minded devotion".

During 4th Nov. 1959 to 23rd March 1960 Potdar Saheb toured in India from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, Gauhati to Dwarka and sold out thousands of copies of the books to the people.

Message to the four directions was given. He has been named as "Divine Messenger" for giving this "Divya Sandesh" (Divine Message ).His tours were described as "Digvijaya.(One who has won everyone/everything in all the four directions)

First Agnihotra was started on 22nd February, 1963 near Bhopal by Saheb.For the fulifilment of the vow Saheb selected Agnihotra as the ultimate weapon.He said "Agnihotra is the solution for all the problems created by the present age.Hence Agnihotra is a Religion of the Era, it is the human religion".

During the period of 1962 to 1964,Potdar Saheb wrote many books. His business was closed down in 1962.He willingly accepted the life of unlimited sufferings.He concentrated his mind in the propagation of the Satya Dharma (True Religion).All the means were withdrawn and he was almost compelled to leave his Bhopal residence.Then he went to Ujjain.There he lead a very sacrificial life.

Since February 1968, the Agnihotra propagation movement was started.In the begining he was alone. By and by people started joining him.When the figure of the active volunteers rose to hundreads,Saheb become busy in giving guidance to them.

Meanwihle Agnihotra reached all corners of the world through the Propagation by hundreds and thousands of such volunteers.On 9th of June 1974 after 10 minutes of Agnihotra, Potdar Saheb took Mahasamadhi.At the time of his Nirwan he was 59 only.

Full name of Saheb was "Shri Madhav Govind Potdar".He was known as Potdar Saheb in the begining of his career. Shri Saheb was his popular name among his followers.

After he started the spritual work as Satya Dharma Sandestha. Agnihotra Updheshta (Propounder) Saheb is an Era-Innovator.He is the Satya Dharma Pioneer. His work was and is for the ages to come.His Vow of resucitation of Vedas has been achived.

An extraordinary mission of impregnating the atmosphere with the message of Satya Dharma was carried out by Mahanubhav Madhavji Potdar of Bhopal. He was called Sandeshta (messenger) by Shree .He was an ideal disciple with incomparable devotion and faith towards his master and mission. Until 1954, when he first came to Akkalkot, he was working as a General Manager in a cardboard factory in Bhopal.

Now Madhavashram satya dharma prachar prasar sanstha headed by smt. Nalini Madhavaji, the decipal and spiritual hair of late Shri Mahanubhav Madhavaji Potdar Sahib. She is also trustee of the Mahanubhav Shri Madhavaji sansthan (charitable trust) located in Madhavashram. Thousands of selfless volunteers are currently engaged in the intensive campaign for the propagation of agnihotra, in the many stats of India under the direct guidance of Smt. Sanchalikaji Nalini Madhavji and Dr. Jayant Madhavji Potdar.