Fivefold Path mission USA

Fivefold path Mission USA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to spread the science of happy living here after.

 Fivefold path is the essence of Vedas simplified by Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj. This is part of his resolve to resuscitate Vedas or Santan Dharma for the welfare of humanity. Yagnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya are the very foundation of Vedic Dharma. It is the very science of life; life of peace, plenty and total fulfillment which can lead one to the supreme goal that I and the Almighty are One

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“Grace be with you all!
Oh! Travelers of kingdom of heaven, Light of the world has descended on earth. Divine Light is spreading throughout the whole planet. Kingdom of heaven is near at hand.
Blessed are those who saw the Light! Fortunate are those who walked in Light! Fortunate are they, for they will enter the Kingdom of Heaven!”
** Om Tat Sat**
Blessings by Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj-Akkalkot-17-5-1978

Vedic Farm - Objectives

The future activities of the farm - objectives :

1. Improvement in live stock - Integration of cow family with the farm to be completed with indigenous cow breed "Geer". This would mean phased replacement of cross breed cows with pure breed of Geer cows. This development is required for Panchgavya application for soil and foliar spray on regular basis as also for making available pure cow ghee for Agnihotra performance.

2. Holistic approach for production of food - The nutritional security along with food security can only come by following agricultural practices which will help in harnessing the cosmic forces. The spiritual dimensions in the agriculture need to be further explored. Rudolf Steiners's lectures in 1924 were aptly published as a book entitled, "Spiritual Foundations for the renewal of Agriculture". In respect of the food production he had said, "So long as one feeds on food from unhealthy soil the spirit will lack the stamina to free itself from the prison of the body".

3. The agronomic practices to be improved to enhance the influence of cosmic forces - This would mean following up of Bio-dynamic practices and Homa farming practices. This fusion of agronomic practices will be of great significance since 70% of the nutrients or inputs are taken by plants from the atmosphere.

4. Organic Farming Training Centre and Agri-eco Tourism Centre - To be established to spread the message of Organic Farming based on Bio-dymanic and Homa farming practices and other agronomic practices described in Vedic / Ancient Indian Agricultural Texts which have relevance for modern agriculture for improvement in crop yield and quality of produce and also to bring in reality the sustainable agriculture.